Comparison Chart

Movies Everywhere are much beyond a streaming system. Two major concepts dictate and lead the way we develop, provide service, and implement our product:

  • We relate to every screening in the system as an event. For that, we provide a wide set of tools that allow the organizer to create fully interactive Q&A sessions, lectures, meetings, and webinars, before, after, or during the film screening.
  • All services are provided under one roof, thus saving the need for the user to move between different platforms, with the risk they would churn. For the organizer (admin), all media management, event timing, interactive components, monetization, and user tracking, are all in the same place, in a highly intuitive dashboard.

A Detailed Comparison Features List

Secured streamingvx
Selling tickets for a single screeningvx
Selling tickets to multiple screenings (“passes”)vx
Detailed revenue dashboardvx
Set film availability time framevx
Coupon codesvx
Limit the number of viewersvx
Set reminder time and textvx
Generate “Magic Link” which bypasses registrationvx
Simulation mode: fully simulate a screening, practice and prepare for the Q&Avx
Zoom integration in the screening pagevx
Facebook Live integration in the screening pagevx
Youtube Live integration in the screening pagevx
Integrate private live video in the streaming pagevx
Send live notifications (“push”)  to viewers during a screeningvx
Real time statistics 
(# of active viewers, how many of the registrants attended and more)
Smart support mechanism, which allows to solve 99% of the issues in less than 7 secondsvx
Export user datavx
Allow right-holders to send source files directly to the systemvx
Send post-screening emails to participants vx
Track user behaviour across multiple screeningsvx
Share revenue with right-holdersvx
Right-holders revenue dashboardvx
Brand graphically the screening mini-sitevx
Create an unlimited static custom pages for the organisationvx
Private domain or sub domainvx
VOD module for renting films all year roundvx