Animest: a client story

Animest celebrated its 15th edition in November 2020, which was 100% online due to COVID-19.
Animest started in 2006 and is a qualifier for the Animated Short Film category of the Academy Awards®, a fact which makes it highly attractive (among its other qualities of course) for animation studios and film schools around the world.
In this edition with Movies Everywhere, there were more than 350 films scattered around 45 screenings and events, along with a follow-up event in Chisinau, Moldova.
The 2020 edition was also an opportunity to celebrate 100 years of animation in Romania, which was presented in a beautiful exhibition.

The Main Challenge

Most animation projects are short and therefore, most screenings are composed of several films. Animest team used our multi-screening feature much. The feature allows the admin to chain together as many films as needed.

Multi film screening in movies Everywhere

When adding together many films, the question of presentation arises: Because if in a single film screening, the film image and description capture most of the page, what would an organizer do to represent a collection of films?
For that purpose we provide, in case of multi-film screening, the option to set the main image for the whole collection and a descriptive text, which usually serves as curation text, written by the artistic director or catalog editor of the festival.

The films themselves appear in the form of a playlist with their images as thumbnails and each one having its synopsis.

During playback, the viewers cannot seek in between the films back and forth, because hey – after all, it’s a film festival, not Youtube-:)


Animest had commercial sponsors and it was out of the question to edit the commercials to the first film in every screening. To tackle that challenge, Animest team uploaded pre-rolls which ran at the beginning of each screening, and then switched automatically to the first film. That feature was developed initially for Cinema South, the festival that preceded Animest and proved extremely useful.

Animest, 2020 edition


Animest conducted many Q&A sessions and opening and closing ceremonies. We provided the team with a dedicated stream key which allowed them to stream private videos to the audience or simulcast it to Youtube. The many interactive options we offer solved the dilemmas of were to broadcast the Q&A and the ceremonies because there was no need to compromise: Every decision was doable.


All screenings were paid and the festival team was able to create complex plans, from single ticket sales to festival passes.
Our coupon codes generator allowed total freedom, with which the festival could create different reductions and limit them by date range and number of uses. In addition, the festival wanted to award its friends with the option to choose any one screening for free. We didn’t have that option at that time, but we listened carefully to the requirements and developed it on time.

One last request was to create a white label domain for the festival. The sub-domain was created and now serves the festival for its ongoing virtual and hybrid events throughout the year.

Thank you Animest for trusting us with your most precious asset. We love you and appreciate that very much ❤️

Animest- a qualifier for the Academy awards®!