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You can add subtitles files to the films you screen. Those subtitles can be activated or turned off by your users.

Many films contain the subtitles burned on screen, which makes them part of the image. If that is the case, then adding subtitles is irrelevant to you. However, if you have an international (clean) version and have a timed subtitles file, you can add it to Movies Everywhere, in the Media Manager section.

Adding Subtitles

Adding subtitles is easy: in the Media manager, the Files tab, click on Add Subtitles.
Choose the language and upload the subtitle file.
You can upload multiple files for different language, but only one file per language.

Supported Formats

Movies Everywhere accepts SRT and VTT subtitle files.

1. Make sure that the timing starts at 00:00 and not at 01:00.
2. It’s critical to save the initial file as UTF-8 and not in any other encoding, especially in languages other than English, otherwise they will not render correctly.

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