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For Movies Everywhere, every screening is an event.
Using the Interactive Event feature, you can embed Zoom directly in our event page to allow a seamless experience to an audience without the need to switch from one platform to another.

Enter into the Event which you have pre-created and choose Virtual > Interactive.

In the Interactive tab, there are various elements that can be integrated into an event (screening) page

To configure Zoom, create a Meeting on Zoom first. Then, fill in its details.

It’s mandatory to create a Zoom meeting in advance as per an Event schedule.

You can copy the meeting ID from the meeting invitation link and also from the meeting details.

1. It’s advisable to set a simple passcode to reduce the chances of making mistakes.
2. Please make sure that you paste the meeting ID without spaces or slashes, in order to go live without errors.

Title of Stream:
The Title of Stream entered by you will be appearing at the beginning of the Zoom session, when it’s inserted into the screening (event).

We recommend that the title will be informative and will prepare the users for what’s going to happen next, for example “Meeting with director Mary G”. Our system will automatically append the suffix “about to start”

To the viewers, it will look like in the following image:

Title of Stream will goes here in Front-end like above image

Before pushing our Zoom meeting to the Event page, it is advisable to verify that the Meeting is open by clicking on the PREVIEW.

Best practices for setting the Zoom meeting

Option 1
Go into the meeting settings on Zoom –> Choose advanced options –> Checked the box “Allow participants to join anytime”.
When you join a meeting from Movies Everywhere, you join as a guest. That’s why it’s important to check the box, otherwise you won’t be able to preview Zoom from within Movies Everywhere.

Option 2:
Start the meeting before embedding the Zoom meeting in the Event page.

With both options, it is important to uncheck the Waiting Room on Zoom Meeting setting, otherwise your viewers might not be able to join.

Force Live on Air (recommended):

Adding a Zoom meeting into the screening (event) page with Force Live will cause the movie plater to stop (if played at that moment) and will make zoom the central element in the page.

Let’s sum up the steps:

1. Create an Event
2. Go into the Interactive tab
3. Enter the Zoom meeting details
4. Preview the meeting
5. When ready to go live, click on Force Live on Air

Viewers on the page would still have to click on Join Audio. That’s a zoom setting that we cannot control.
Therefore, we recommend to send your users a notification (see below), asking them to click on Join Audio

Send real time notifications to guide your audience

To make the session more interactive, Movies Everywhere provides also a real-time notification feature through which you can send notifications to the audience in the event page.

On the event page, the audience will be able to see the notifications as seen in the following screenshot:

Removing Zoom from the event page

At the end of the Zoom meeting session, you can remove it by clicking on STOP/REMOVE.

You can push the Zoom into the Event each time you want to create an interaction. You can also configure other platforms in parallel or by replacing Zoom.

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