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A Magic Link allows users to enter a free screening directly without the need to register or login.


The Magic Link works only with free screenings. It will not work with monetised (paid) screenings.

You can create a Magic Link for each screening separately. Generation of the link is done with a simple click.
Then, copy the link and send it to whoever you want.

Number of uses of the Magic Link

The Magic Link can be used freely until the number of uses reaches the capacity of the screening, together with those who registered.
Please note that:

  • Each click on the link is counted, even if done by you for testing.
  • The limit counts also the users which have registered normally.


You created a free screening with a capacity limited to 100 seats.
50 users registered normally, by clicking on Participate.
You created a Magic Link and sent it to 50 people.
Assuming that everyone who received the link clicked on it, the screening has now reached its full capacity.
That means that if you send the link to another person (the 51th), an error message will appear for that user, stating that there are no more available seats in the screening.


We recommend on using the Magic link only in the following cases:

  • Links to special guests.
  • As a last resort to users who have difficulties logging in (e.g – technically challenged or last minute viewers).


  • Anyone having this link can access the screening, but only at the scheduled time.
  • With the Magic Link, you eliminate the need to register.
  • It may be easier for the users, but results in less statistical data for you.
  • Please share this link only with people you trust.
  • All other restrictions, like geo-blocking, screening start time, capacity etc. will remain active

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