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Media are stored separately from screening. It is because this allows the admin to attach the same film to multiple screenings which saves time otherwise when the admin creates a screening, he/she would have to upload the media and metadata again and again which becomes complicated and very time-consuming.

You can view all the list of media in the Media Manager.

Media Manager contains the media files and metadata for the films. Each film has its own metadata.

If there is a revenue share agreement, the admin can add the share percentage for the right holder. These details will help to calculate the shares of the right holder in the monetization automatically in relation to the revenue.

The following things are important for the media:

  1. Video :
    – The format should be MP4 or Quicktime.
    – A data rate of 10-12 Mbps is recommended (should not be lower than 6 Mbps and not higher than 15 Mbps)
    – Original screen size
    – Original frame rate
    – H.264 codec
  2. Audio :
    – 128 Kbps is recommended (can also be 256 Kbps)
    – Should be of Stereo type
  3. Images :
    – Image proportion should be 16:9 and 1280×720 pixels.
    – Recommended to compress the images
    – Optimized size should not exceed 70-80 kb.
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