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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Countdown to an event still runs, although the hour for the event passed. What to do?

    If that happened to you or to one of your viewers, that is because the local computer is set to an internal clock.
    To solve it, please connect to a server based clock.

  • Event time is presented also with parentheses. What does it mean?

    If your viewer is in a different time zone than the one set for your account (Organization), he or she will see the event time in his or her time zone and in your time zone in parentheses. Movies Everywhere detects the time zone of the viewer and therefore presents the all the data: Local time for the viewer and event original time.
    That feature helps users who want to join an event from different countries and different time zones.

  • How many viewers can attend an event?

    1000. They can be enter at the same time (concurrent users) or during the availability time of the event, which can span over hours, days, weeks, months (the admin/event organizer decides). Please note that the system counts those who registered and logged in combined with those who entered through the Magic Link (whereby there is no registration).
    So 500 registered users and 500 users who entered through a Magic Link are counted as 1000 attendees.

  • How does pricing work?

    All the features on Movies Everywhere are free. From events creation to VOD through movie uploading and interactive features (meeting with your audience). We charge in two cases:
    (1) When you conduct and event of more than 3 viewers. There, we charge by the number of viewers.
    (2) When you sell a ticket or rent a film in the VOD. There, we charge a percentage.

    The meaning: No commitment at any stage. no subscription, no setup fee, no maintenance.

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