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Movies Everywhere asks viewers to register, but also allows admins (i.e – you, the system clients) to bypass the process, by using our unique feature Magic Link.

We recommend on using the registration whenever possible for several reasons:

  • Registration allows admins to legally gather information on their users, information which can be used for re-marketing purposes.
  • Tracking user behaviour: Our Participants section shows in which screenings the user participated and helps in creating a user profile over time.
  • Registration strengthens your ability to control copyright, since the system does not allow entry to more than one user with the same credentials, which prevents an abuse of username / password.

Movies Everywhere has an easy registration process:

Step 1: User selects a screening to participate.
Note: In case of a paid screening, the label would be Buy Ticket

Step 2: A pop-up will appear, the user would enter email address and then will click on Continue.

Step 3: A verification code will be sent to the registered mail.
Note: If the user is already registered, he or she will be identified and will be asked to enter their password.

Step 4: The user copies that code from the email and enters the verification code in the login screen and then would click Verify.

Step 5: The email is verified. The user will now be asked to choose a permanent password.

Step 6: User chooses a 6 characters password or skips that process by clicking on Later.

Note: Choosing Later (skipping the password) will require the user to verify again next time.

Choosing a password ends the process.


  • If a user doesn’t receive the verification email and contacts support, there are two options:
  • Offer them to check the spam folder.
  • Admin can verify the registration for the user in the Participants menu. The the admin can also set a password for the user and inform the user about the password chosen. The user can always change that password later by asking to reset it. We find the latter to be the fastest and most efficient way to solve issues quickly, especially for the technically challenged users.

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