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What’s so special about Movies Everywhere and in what way does it differ from other streaming platforms?
Let us try to answer that here:

Movies Everywhere was created by filmmakers. Real filmmakers, not just film lovers. Producers and distributors joined the team and together, we think we know enough the pains, the challenges and the issues of the film industry.

  • Filmmakers, producers and distributors need security. Most video platforms don’t provide that out of the box, because it’s expensive for them. When using DRM, the platform has to pay royalties according to the number of viewers. On Movies Everywhere, every video uploaded to the system is automatically encrypted. Yep, you read it right.
  • Filmmakers, producers and distributors want to keep their identity and branding. Usually, video platforms either force you you to use their brand or ask for tens of thousands of dollars in order to have your own identity (White Label). Movies Everywhere allows you to brand your account. We’re satisfied with a tiny mention in the footer.
  • Filmmakers, producers and distributors need to meet their audience. By ‘audience’ we mean the public (viewers of the films), potential partners (co-producers), potential buyers (e.g – TV channels) or decision makers, such as public funders, selection committees etc. Movies Everywhere provides an intimate, secure and branded environment for you to meet your audience.
  • Filmmakers, producers and distributors need to build their audience and fanbase. Those lists are the oxygen of the industry. Movies Everywhere provides rich users management with tracking (who attended, who watched what). The information is yours.
  • Filmmakers, producers and distributors prefer to have everything in one place. Movies Everywhere’s core idea is exactly that: To have everything under one roof.
  • Filmmakers, producers and distributors need a platform that understands them. While most platforms are built by technologists and marketers, Movies Everywhere was created by people who breathe filmmaking from all aspects.

Here’s an example to a challenge faced by so many filmmakers and how we solve it:

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