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A pre-roll is a per screening element. It is a short video that runs before the film (or a group of films). It usually serves for trailers, the promotion of a festival/organization, and for thanking sponsors.
A pre-roll cannot be skipped by the users. You all know pre-rolls from Youtube and e-newspapers.

Adding a Pre-roll

Adding a pre-roll to screening is simple and straight-forward:



  • Pre-rolls must be uploaded and not embedded.
  • As a pre-roll is part of a screening, you need to upload it separately for each screening.
  • Please DO NOT use the Media Manager for pre-rolls. The Media Manager relates to videos uploaded as “films” in the sense that they have descriptions, credits, posters, etc., while a pre-roll is basically a video without any title and metadata (for the end-user).
  • Please follow the general media guidelines when uploading a pre-roll: MP4 or Quicktime (MOV) files and around 5-6 Mbps. Please do not try to upload ProRes, MXF, and other types of delivery files, but only compressed videos.
  • When uploading, please stay in the window until the upload is complete.