Send secure, tracked screeners to colleagues

Rough cut, work-in-progress, assembly, trailer, visual research and audition are all important video assets. You can find partners, get funding or presell your product with them.
We know how critical it is that those videos are:

  • Protected from piracy.
  • Reach only the person you assigned it to.
  • Trackable.

Movies Everywhere provides all that with the SMART SCREENER feature.

Upload a screener to our system. It’s encrypted by default.
Then decide who you send it to.
To control the above, you can limit the times the links can be clicked and the date range.
All is left is to follow the statistics: Has your been video been watched? To what second did your viewer reach? Did he or she skipped (seek)? Movies Everywhere provides all that invaluable information!

That way, you have your screeners both secured and tracked.

And all that is within reach, without the need to open an expensive account and be committed to a subscription fee: Pay only for what you use.