Our prices can fit almost any budget.
But there’s a good reason for not presenting them here.
It depends on the way you’d like to work with us.
Let us explain:


Our system is built in a way that will let you operate everything independently. That way, your organization can reduce costs and achieve higher flexibility. But some film festivals and other organizations are not built for self-operation. Either because of lack of human resources or because there are too many other things to take care of. In those cases, we can help.

The services we can provide:

  • Converting and uploading media pages. Including optimized images, proofreading of synopses and credits, monitoring subtitles files etc.
  • Creation of  screenings and events pages: start, end and registration times, limiting capacity, geo-restriction rules, adding pre-rolls and everything which is needed for the creation of successful events.
  • Settings screening prices, creating Passes and generating coupons.
  • Managing the interactive parts of the events in real time. We also can provide elaborate digital production services, including real time switching between guests. 
  • Supporting end-users who are having difficulties with login and registration, playback, refunds, declined credit cards and other user related issues. 

As can be inferred from the above, there are many options and combinations. Some organizations assume responsibility on all tasks, while others want us to operate it for them.

Let’s talk: