Film Organizations

Film organizations can use Movies Everywhere in two ways: (1) Conduct community screenings or screenings to other organizations (such as university departments, continuous education, and nonprofits) and (2) Provide service to their members, filmmakers themselves.

The first (screenings to other organizations) would be using Movies Everywhere as their private video portal: set a screening date or period, like in a festival, charge the client (usually offline), and allow access only to the client organization members. We have ways to arrange such private screenings, don’t hesitate to consult with us,

The second use (service to the members) would be to provide the organization’s members access to Movies Everywhere when they need it, in order to promote the members’ films.

That way, the film organization serves as a reseller to its members, offering them Movies Everywhere, usually as a managed service, at a reduced price. Contact us to learn more about that option.