Individual Filmmakers

In today’s digital world, many filmmakers find themselves, on purpose or not, a one-man or woman band: planning, writing, coordinating, shooting, raising funds, submitting proposals, and finally – interacting with the audience.

Movies Everywhere proxies a set of tools for the filmmakers to achieve all the above in an easy, secure, and intuitive way. And the best of all: You pay only when you use the services, with no subscription fee.

Need to send securely a work-in-progress to a distributor? Want to share a rough cut with the TV channel that commissioned your project? – ALL videos in Movies Everywhere are encrypted. You don’t need to worry about those sensitive files being leaked and published elsewhere. In addition, you can track statistics and know whether your video invitee watched the version you sent: when it was watched, what minute did he or she get to, and at what date. All that is invaluable information.

When the film is ready, you can conduct screenings for your audience, ask them to register, charge for tickets or let them donate as much as they want — all options are available in Movies Everywhere. At the end of the screening, meet your audience on the same screening page: Don’t lose them when they move to another platform.