Who we are

Targeted at several sectors, Movies Everywhere has the objective of outreaching to more audiences, enrich the interactive experience and help its client create additional sources of revenue.

Movies Everywhere is a new 2020 initiative for showing films online, but we are not -:)

Movies Everywhere is part of the Movie Discovery Group, which includes the QuickRights software and management system and the Movie Discovery video platform.

What we offer

We do all the development in-house and take care of all the technical aspects, with our technological partner Readybytes Software Labs.

We are also consulting, on an ongoing basis, to the digitization project in the Israel film archive, whose mission is to restore, digitize and allow access to more than 100 of years of cinema in the Middle East. The inner development, combined with our daily know-how of streaming, UX and support in all aspects of online video, allows us to be flexible and react quickly and efficiently to clients’ requests.

Movie Discovery itself was originated and is still owned by DocMovies, a production company since 1998.