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Movies Everywhere

What is Movies Everywhere?

Movies Everywhere helps film festivals, film organizations, cinematheques, distributors, public and educational institutions to create highly engaging, interactive online screening events.
Our main concept is that every screening as an 'event'. 
An event means that Q&A, audience chat and live video from external sources are all taking place inside the screening page .
Movies Everywhere is an all in one solution, managed from your browser, from media management to audience tracking, monetization, rich interactive elements and provision of support.

Movies Everywhere in action


Q&A session inside the screening page

Forget having to navigate away to another platform. Once the screening ends, the Q&A session starts at the very same page.

Fully branded screenings and emails

It's your logo, image and colors that will appear on the screening platform. As well as on the email notifications and reminders.

Set the screening, the rest is automatic

Once the screening is set, the platform takes care of the rest: registration process, sending reminders and screening start and end time.


Push distribution forward

Many right-holders are concerned that online screenings might impede their efforts to sign distribution deals or violate existing agreements. Movies Everywhere overcomes this obstacle by providing you with the following tools: Control over the number of viewers per screening. Fine grained IP blocking, down to the city or district level. Advanced download and anti-piracy protection.

Increase attendance

Let's first assume that people are not afraid anymore of attending public events. Once that fear diminishes, the world will probably enter a new era, in which some people would always prefer to watch from home. In other words, those people would probably not arrive at the theatre anyway. So why give up on them? - We suggest to relate to Movies Everywhere as your additional venue or facility.

Bring the magic

A festival or a public screening are magical: many people gather at the same time, lining up near the entrance to the movie theater, taking their seats, waiting for the screening of a new film to begin. A sense of anticipation and excitement, whereby the screening is followed by a Q&A session, in which the audience can meet the filmmakers . Movies Everywhere aspires to follow that spirit through online screenings. The process begins with pre-registration and confirmation a few days in advance, then a reminder is sent to viewers before the screening, which invites them to a branded screening page. The screening starts exactly at the set time and is followed by an online Q&A session, which takes place in the same page.  This is why we do not offer a VOD option. Although we master that technology through our VOD platform Movie Discovery,  we praise and value the screening experience.

Stay protected

No one film can be fully protected. But we do our best. There are two ways to pirate a film: finding the path to the source file and recording the screen. As for the first method, we encrypt the source and obfuscate the link to the the decrypting index file, a method used in all DRM systems. As for the second (recording the screen), we place a personalized watermark on screen, with the details of each viewer. If the screen is recorded, the details of the recording user cannot be erased. 

Interact with Users

Embed Zoom, Facebook Live or Youtube Live. Allow users to pose questions with the built-in text chat. Conduct meetings or webinars with film directors or lecturers. Send notifications in real time. You can control all these right from your browser, no need in an external switcher or dedicated hardware. Everything is done on the cloud.


Easy, Fast, Secure

Movies Everywhere allows any organization (film festivals, cinematheques, distributors, municipalities etc.) to create easily and securely online screenings for films they have licensed. The platform takes care of the whole process from A to Z through a self managed (DIY), intuitive dashboard, allowing the organizing body to concentrate on content curation. The event organizer has total control over the different elements of the screening, including user management and insertion of interactive elements


  • Sett up a date and time for a screening.
  • Fix time for the start and the end of a pre-registration process.
  • Determine the maximal number of participants ("seats").
  • Set a participation method (free, pay per view, subscription).
  • Upload a film to the system. Movies Everywhere will handle conversion and encryption.
  • Publish the link for the registration, which will be available to the public in a white-labelled mini-site.
  • Set a reminder timing before the screening.
  • Conduct a Q&A session inside the screening page (no need to navigate away to another platform).
  • Track statistics in real time.