Movies Everywhere aims to enhance outreach to more audiences, enrich the interactive experience and help its client create additional revenue streams.

Branded platform and process

Screenings, reminders and notifications

Powerful, self-managed dashboard

Allowing you to concentrate on content curation

Total control over the number of participants and their locations

Through IP blocking

Control the time frame for joining the screening

You choose between the event option or VOD

Streaming in HD

High definition screenings

Conduct Q&A sessions inside the screening page

No need to navigate away to another platform

Integrate live video

Conduct a TV level production inside the screening page

Manage Users

Track users' behaviour across multiple screenings

Secure, encrypted streaming

Protected from download

Real time statistics

Track attendance, devices and engagement

Add text chat to all screening participants

Let the audience pose questions or interact with each other

Full interactive suite

Reach audience in real time and let them reach you too

Easy login process

With a one time password or a magic link

Dictate the player behaviour

Allow skipping or pausing

Monetize screenings and share the revenue

with a powerful dashboard

Add a pre roll

From sponsors or with your logo

Send push notifications to the audience in real time

Will appear in the screening page

Automated multi-film screenings

Useful for collections of short films

Let's get started

Let's get to know each other so that we know what are your needs. We're flexible and can adapt to it.