Movies Everywhere rewrites the film indusrty standards, by providing a secure, interactive, branded and metred experience to its users, from the individual filmmaker to the large fim organisation

Conduct Q&A sessions inside the screening page

Avoid losing your audience in the process of changing platforms. With Movies Everywhere, the Q&A session will take place inside the screening page. Simply set the details of the session when creating the screening.

Branded platform and process

Movies Everywhere provides a true white label to all of it its users: From logo and colors to branded emails sent to users. Your identity is yours all across the board

Send secure, tracked screeners to colleagues

Rough cut, work-in-progress, assembly, trailer, visual research and audition are all important video assets. You can find partners, get funding or presell your product with them.

Powerful, self-managed dashboard

Control all aspects of your screenings and media, operate the interactive element from within your browser as if it's a switcher, set ticket prices, manage users and track activity

Total control over the number of participants and their locations

When creating a new screening, Movies Everywhere allows you to choose the number of available places in the screening.

Control the time frame for joining the screening

You decide how much time the attendees have to join the screening. It might be a question of minutes, to mantain the feeling of event where everyone will be watching at the same time, or a few days and the viewer chooses when to watch, more like a VOD option.

Streaming in HD quality

Our system prepares video files in different qualities, to adjust to different connections, up to HD

Easy login process

With a one time password or our Magic Link. We made a huge effort to facilitate the login and authentication process, while maintaining film security

Secure, encrypted streaming

All files uploaded to Movies Everywhere are encrypted for no extra charge. We are protecting your most precious asset

Add A Pre Roll Slide

No need to edit an introductory video to the main film. The pre-roll runs automatically and include anything from your promo to a sponsor's video