Creating an event with a single film

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Assuming you already know how to upload media files to the Media Manager (if you don’t you can find out here), creating an event is pretty simple.

Click the Event tab and click on +Create to create a new event.

In the prompt, enter the basic details for the event.

Your event is created!

However, it is not published and not complete yet.
In the ABOUT THE EVENT tab, you will need to fill in the basic fields:

  • Enter the Tolerance Time. This is the time you allow viewers to join the event after it has been created. So for example, if an event started at 20:00, you might allow viewers to join until 20:30, because you plan to have a Q&A session at 21:00 and want that most viewers will watch the movie to some extent until that time.
  • Choose the film to be shown in the Event. Well, this is self explanatory… You would, of course, need to create that film item in the Media Manager beforehand.
    NOTE: You do not have to show a film during an event. It can be an event with speakers and video inserts (we write about these elsewhere). However, a film item must be existent in the Media Manager, because it contains the image and the description that will be presented in the registration page.
  • Set registration start and end times. Note that those times fit with the event start and end time, e.g – the registration doesn’t start after the event ends etc.
  • Publish the event.

That’s basically it

Apart from that, you would probably want to set the number of participants (default is 3 or what has been agreed with us, if you have an agreement with Movies Everywhere ), maybe set a geographical restriction, add a pre-roll, add a custom text that will be sent to users in the email, define whether the event is free or monetized and of course define the interactive parts of the event (Q&A sessions and more). We write about each of those options elsewhere in the documentation.

Registration begin and end
Choose a film from the Media Manager
Define until when viewers can join

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