Creating an event for a single movie

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Assuming you already know how to upload media files to the Media Manager (if you don’t you can find out here), creating a screening is pretty simple.

Go to the Screening tab and click on +Create to create a new screening.

Here you can set the details about the screenings:

  • Upload image for the screening.
  • Add basic details like Screening Title, Organization Body, and a short description of screening.
  • At Film, choose from the Media files you uploaded before to the Media Manager, the Film you want at this Screening.
  • Choose the date and time for the Screening to start and end, as well as the tolerance time – how long attendees can take to join the screening.
  • At Registration define the period for the Registration to take place, as well as how many seats will be available.
  • Add details of the Q&A session (if any) and then CREATE & CLOSE to save your screening.
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