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Movies Everywhere allow its clients to manage and track users’ activity in a pinpointed, accurate, and constantly update manner, while preserving their privacy to the maximum.


Users management is achieved in two complementary layers:-
1. Per event
2. System-wide


Let us demonstrate this abstract division with a simple example: John registered for the screening of My First Pet, scheduled for November 2022. John’s details now appear under the ​Registrants​ list for that specific screening. In addition, John’s user profile is created for the system and will appear from now on in the Audience​ menu.

When the system admin (Movies Everywhere direct client, e.g – a film festival, distribution company etc.) wants to track the users for that particular event, he or she would go to the ​Registrants​ tab, to locate John (and other users). The registrants tab will provide the admin information on the following:

  1. When did John register?
  2. Did he enter the event page (logged in)?
  3. Were the confirmation and reminder emails sent to him?
  4. Did he pay, in case of a paid event?

The Registrants tab also allows the admin to provide support for John if needed. We will get to it later.
When the admin wants to track John’s activity ​across multiple events​, she or he can locate it in the ​Audience​ menu.
So while the Registrants tab is for specific events, the Audience menu provides an overview of the user’s behaviour across the system.


The ​Registrants​ tab also includes live tracking and statistics for the event. It includes three data fields:

  1. The number of registrants.
  2. The number of people from within the registrants who actually logged in to the event page (and not just registered).
  3. The number of viewers in the event page at a certain moment (live counter).

The ​Audience​ menu also allows the admin to help users in the following manner:

  1. Verify a user’s email address from within the admin manually, even if the user had not completed the verification process him or herself.
  2. Modify the password for a user.
  3. Update a phone number for the user, as the system also includes text messages, if opted-in.


Each of the above data is exportable and can be deleted by the client/admin and according to the policy of the client. On Movies Everywhere, we remember that the data is not ours and therefore leave the decision of whether to retain this data to the client.

Please see the following screenshots that summarise the above​:

The Audience menu:

Inside a user profile, in the Participants menu:

The Registrants tab (per screening):

Statistics and live counter, when using RSVP mode (users have to confirm their participation):

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