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In Movies Everywhere, we identified the most frequent issues and built tools that will allow admins to solve them in a just few seconds (yes, seconds).
For the sake of simplicity, let’s describe the issues through scenarios (use cases):

  • A user cannot register to an Event (in Movies Everywhere terminology: Participate).
  • A user fails in verifying his or her email.
  • A user cannot access an event he or she registered to (enrolled).

What actually happens?

(this is not a technical paragraph)
We strongly believe, and also stress it to our own internal support team, that good support begins with empathy: Try to feel what the user feels. Try to see the system in his or her eyes. We also advise that when providing support to an anonymous user, imagine a friend or a family member who is intelligent, but technically challenged. They are dear to you and you really want to help them. Being frustrated, impatient or cynical won’t help.
Instead, we suggest the following:

  • Try to carefully choose your words. Avoid technical terms as much as you can. For example, techies know what is the difference between a one time password (OTP), a password and a passcode. Perhaps you don’t know either… Add to it the verification code that Movies Everywhere asks once from new users and you get confusion -:).
  • Use real world analogies. A wise man (the legend says he was a senior in IBM) claims that everything in the computer world can be found with an analogy from the real world. Until now, we haven’t found a single case in which he was wrong. A good example would be to compare the email address to the ID card and the password to remembering its number (to prove that it’s yours).
  • Do not educate your users. If it looks strange to you that they have difficulties logging in such a digital world, they probably have a good reason. Concentrate on the solution.

Nuff Said

Real tools to help users:

Add users to an event immediately with the magical CREATE button. The CREATE allows you to both add the user to the system and register him or her to a specific event.
How to: go to the Registrants tab of the event and click on Create. Add the email and save. The user will receive a confirmation email and later, a reminder before the screening. In other words – everything is automatic.
* Create only works for free events.
* Create will generate a random password and the user might be asked to verify his or her email when trying to login. You can solve it by setting the password for the users in the Participants menu (explained below).

Create a user is free event

Set the password for users who can’t find their way: In the Participants menu, you can find much information about users like which event they are registered to, whether they attended it etc. We provide more details about it in a separate section dedicated to users management. Here, we concentrate on helping users with password generation.
How to: Go to the Participants menu, locate the user’s email in the search box, click on Edit, set the password and Save. Then you can send the password to the user. Don’t forget to emphasize that the user can change the password at any time, either be asking for a password reset or by editing the Profile.

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