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A pre-roll is a per screening element. It is a short video that runs before the film (or a group of films). It usually serves for the promotion of a festival/organization and for thanking sponsors. A pre-roll cannot be skipped by the users. You all know pre-rolls from Youtube and e-newspapers.

Adding a Pre-roll and a logo

Adding a pre-roll to screening is simple and straight-forward:
In the About the Event, click on Promotion/Sponsor Details.
Click on Upload Preroll and wait until it’s completed. Do not close the page until the process ends. Accepted file formats are Quicktime (mov) or MP4.
To add a logo, click on the image placeholder and upload an image. Accepted file formats are jpg and png.
The logo will appear under the event description and will be resized automatically.

preroll to an event
  • Pre-rolls must be uploaded and not embedded.
  • As a pre-roll is part of an event, you need to upload it separately for each event.
  • Please DO NOT use the Media Manager for pre-rolls. The Media Manager relates to videos uploaded as “films” in the sense that they have descriptions, credits, posters, etc., while a pre-roll is basically a video without any title and metadata (for the end-user).
  • Please follow the general media guidelines when uploading a pre-roll: MP4 or Quicktime (MOV) files and around 5-6 Mbps. Please do not try to upload ProRes, MXF, and other types of delivery files, but only compressed videos.
  • When uploading, please stay in the window until the upload is completed.
  • Pre-rolls are not encrypted, because they are outside of Movies Everywhere general system. we assume you use pre-rolls for promotional purposes and therefore wouldn’t need them to be encrypted. So if you need to safeguard the pre-roll file, do not use it as a pre-roll and consider editing it into the movie file and upload them together.
  • Since pre-rolls cannot be paused or skipped by the users, we recommend using them for short videos only. There is a reason for it: If there’s a network failure on the user’s side, he or she will be forced to watch the pre-roll again. With short pre-rolls, the chances that would happen are lower.

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